CDC Ordering Information

The primary purpose of Continental Rupture Discs/Holders is to protect lives and property. In order to select the proper equipment for your application, a Rupture Disc/Holder Information Sheet should be completed see below. Details of the process fluid and conditions are especially important. If there is any doubt as to selection or application please contact our offices for assistance (email It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to determine suitability of final equipment selection.

New Installations

Rupture Disc/Holder Application Sheet

Rupture Disc: Quantity: ______________ Size: _____________________

Material: _________________________ Relief Valve Isolation?: __________

Rated Burst Pressure: ___________ psig or barg @__________ °F or °C

Maximum allowable working pressure (M.A.W.P.): ______________________

Operating pressure: ______________ Operating temperature: ____________

Vacuum and/or backpressure conditions – Vacuum: __________ BP ________

Service Conditions Yes/No: Cyclic _______ Static_______ Pulsating _______

Process Media:Liquid (non-compressible) ______ Gas (compressible) ______

ASME testing required ( UD Code Stamp) required Yes/No: ________________

Options: Liner, Coating , B.D.I. Alarm System , Sanitary Configuration



Configuration Pref: Insert / Bolted / Union / Screwed (see above)_______________

Quantity: ___________ Size:_____________

Material inlet: _____________________ Outlet: __________________________

Accessories: (for Insert Type and Full Bolted Holders)

  • Gauge Tap 1/4″, 1/2″
  • Nipple and Tee
  • Excess Flow Valve
  • Pressure Gauge (Tel-Tale assembly)
  • Teflon Coating

Which rupture disc design should I need?

Continental Disc has a full line of rupture discs in both tension and reverse acting designs to meet the design criteria or requirements of most any application. Each type of rupture disc, however, has its own characteristics and capabilities. We can make available individual product bulletins outlining each rupture disc’s design capability. Please forward the above form completed with your specifications to our Portersville PRD offices for assistance in developing a suitable CDC solution(s) for your application.