CDC Ordering Information

Replacement Rupture Discs

Identifying CDC rupture discs
Every rupture disc lot made by Continental Disc Corporation is traceable; the Manufacturing Number (pinstamped on the 3-D Tag or on the device) tells C.D.C. everything about that rupture disc, right down to the particular roll of metal it was made from.

Ordering replacement CDC rupture discs
Supplying C.D.C. with the Manufacturing Number insures that your new order will conform to the specifications of the previous one. Care should be taken, however, that your process environment has not changed since the last order. For example, if the process temperature was increased 100 degrees Fahrenheit since the last order, the rupture disc materials you are reordering may be inappropriate and should be ordered to correct requirements. C.D.C. will stamp any customer-supplied tag number on the 3-D tag, but the C.D.C. Manufacturing Number (also on the tag) is what we use to trace a lot of rupture discs.